Coloplast® Care – support for people with intimate healthcare needs

Coloplast® Care is a patient support program for people with ostomy or urinary problems. Coloplast Care delivers advice across online and offline, integrating web, email and phone advisor support – and is personalized to support the needs of patients.

Coloplast CARE listens and responds

Coloplast Care is shaped by individual needs, by asking users to self-assess their ostomy or continence-related quality of life. The answers combine with online behaviour data to trigger emails and web articles with the most relevant advice.

  • Self-assessment checks to track personal progress
  • E-mail triggered by behaviour on website
  • Integrated with phone advisors for more personal service
  • Includes nurse-reviewed and validated content


Coloplast initiated Coloplast Care with a primary objective of improving quality of life for people with ostomy. 83% of members surveyed report that Coloplast Care has improved their quality of life. (US 2015 participant data. Data on file.)

In the truest measure of customer experience, Coloplast CareE as a program has achieved an NPS score of 66 (higher than the iPhone).

Efficiency in phone operations has improved, as number of monthly consumer contacts pr. FTE has increased 67% since the introduction of Coloplast Care.

And though Coloplast Care does not push products at all, the positive brand experience has a direct impact on sales: Members of Coloplast Care convert at a much higher rate than non-members when exposed to campaign: 50% more likely for ostomy campaigns and 100% more likely for continence campaigns (CRMOD data from US, 2015. Data on file.)